P&T Group 1998

Jan 2014


This book is a celebration of 130th anniversary of P&T Group. As a Hong Kong based company, their narration show an indomitable spirit that has certainly made a great impact in the architectural field.


The book delineates the significant buildings by P&T Group in these past 130 years. While focusing on its late 20th century buildings in the main body, their buildings from the 19th century are highlighted in the History and the Chronological sections.


The chapter on their history is a must for those who want to know more about P&T Group. It does not only outline their own history, but also the history of Hong Kong architecture. One might find their prodigious influence in Central Hong Kong from the map. No one else has left such a deep legacy.


Although concentrating on commercial buildings, the work of P&T is diverse, ranging from hotels to institutional, educational, residential, industrial and retail work. The addition of floorplans and elevations included here exalts the book, while the Philosophy and Biographies sections help to give a fuller picture of the company.


From Neoclassicism to modernism and to postmodernism (perhaps), P&T Group has responded respectively in a variety of solutions: from Greek orders and motifs to the manipulation of glass and steel, and to the more playful decoration of roofs demonstrate hoe P&T Group has witnessed these movements in architecture. Last but not least, P&T Group's buildings are not only monumental and ostentatious, but also interior sensitive and environmentally conscious.


Today, P&T Group, with its stability and creativity, is marching boldly into the next century, we anticipate more nonpareil buildings by them in the near future.