P&T Group takes initiative to build an elderly-friendly community

Oct 2018

Hong Kong’s aging society continues to be an important social issue. In a city where the percentage of people aged 65 and over is projected to increase from 17% in 2016 to 31% in 2036, elderly-friendly design in Hong Kong is becoming increasingly crucial. Seeing the rising demand, P&T Group encourages key industry players and stakeholders to create a caring community, by encouraging conversation on how buildings, the healthcare system and urban planning engage and enable elderly to live a fruitful life and taking initiative to design elderly friendly buildings.



P&T Group believes that a caring community should fulfil four key design elements to enable an active living for the elderly: physical support, safety, cognitive needs and health balance. Aiming at building and planning an elderly-friendly community by educating key stakeholders on how elderly in Hong Kong experience the environment around them, the Group organised a workshop called Ageing in the Hong Kong Urban Environment last year.


To further understand industry leaders’ views and opinions in creating a caring community, P&T Group participated in the Co-creating a Community for Hong Kong’s Aging Population Conference, presented by Hong Kong Shared Good Values (HKSGV) and the Hong Kong Institution of Urban Design (HKIUD). That day, the Group encouraged conversation on how to co-create an engaging, and enabling community for the city’s changing population.


“An elderly-friendly community would be engaging, enabling and also encouraging the elderly to move about, to meet people and to socialise,” said Ms Vivien Mak, P&T Group Director. “I think we need to primarily focus on what the elderly will receive, and the support to go out and meet people and socialise. The main goal is to keep them physically and socially active.”


As the appointed consultant to study elderly friendliness in Hong Kong’s public architecture, the Group took the opportunity to share their insight and experience, as well as to encourage conversation among private and public sector for further discussion in the conference. The Group will continue to work with industry leaders and key stakeholders to design elderly friendly communities that uphold the key design elements to encourage an integrated society for the elderly by satisfying their daily needs.