P&T Travel Scholarship – An opportunity for Hong Kong architectural students to participate in a global classroom

Jun 2019

As one of the oldest and leading architectural engineering firms, P&T Group holds the belief that learning is not limited to that in school – as long as you want to, learning can take place anywhere and anytime. As part of the Group’s commitments to the nurturing of next generations of architectural talent, the P&T Travel Scholarship is awarded to support its candidates’ architectural research, and to facilitate intellectual exchange by broadening their horizons through global exposure.

Bike Pass Hybrid Buildings in Europe

Adeline, a master’s degree student from The University of Hong Kong, visited three phenomenal countries in Europe – France, Italy and the Netherlands - to conduct her academic research on hybrid buildings. “The P&T scholarship really allows their candidates to set up their own agenda,” says Adeline. With a curiosity for hybrid buildings, Adeline spent time biking through different cities to sketch down these buildings that caught her attention along the way.


Hand sketch of Nieuwe Kerk (Nieuwe Church) by Adeline


Living an American Dream – Civic Development and Public Spaces

“Travelling is the best way to understand a city and its architecture,” says Wendy, a master’s degree student from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She visited New York and Boston while conducting a research on the topic of ‘public space’. Her thesis project focuses on American skyscrapers, people plaza and the relationship between public spaces and civic development. Wendy sees significant differences in the design of public spaces in America and that in Hong Kong, and aspires to utilise her insights in the future to make Hong Kong a better place to live in.


A photo of Americans playing with public in-ground water fountain, taken by Wendy


Pavement – Hidden Stories of Europe

Have you ever considered that all surrounding infrastructures tell an important story about the history of a place? Karen, a master’s degree student from The University of Hong Kong, was attracted to the pavements in Paris, whilst she explored the city by foot. She found that changes in the use of pavement materials in Paris are correlated to the evolution of human rights in France and Europe.

A photo of Paris taken by Karen