Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020

Apr 2020

Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020's results have finally revealed! P&T has won an award in two categories respectively for Hong Kong projects, which are Public Service Interior for The Grove, The Harbour School, Hong Kong, and Public Service Architecture for Malvern College, Hong Kong.

The Grove, The Harbour School’s campus design is inspired by the school’s unique teaching approach; it focuses on how to stimulate students’ curiosity, imagination and agility with the design expression using elements from nature.

Malvern College Hong Kong adopts an introverted school design typology with vertical stacking of functional spaces, which creates a full-chain primary cum secondary school in such a compact site. The architectural design process involved a “learner’s oriented” approach which encouraged active participation from end-users as well as careful consideration in flexibility to cater to the ever-changing and evolving educational needs.