Tai Ping Theatre designed by Palmer and Turner in the 1900s

Oct 2021
The Tai Ping Theatre was designed by Palmer and Turner back in the 1900s; it commenced operation in 1907 by Mr Yuen Hang-kiu, who then passed on the business to his son, Mr Yuen Jim-fan, in the 1930s. The theatre was eventually closed in 1981.
We would like to express our gratitude to Ms Beryl Yuen Bik-fook (the third-generation owner of the Tai Ping Theatre) for her dedication to preserving the original architectural drawings of The Tai Ping Theatre, and for donating them to the Hong Kong Film Archive’s 20the Anniversary, “Out of the Past – from the Tai Ping Treasure Trove” exhibition, letting the public to know more about this once renowned entertainment attraction.
To know more about the theatre, simply head over to the Hong Kong Film Archive link below.
P&T Heritage Committee members Brian Wong, Plato Tso and Helen Lam visited the exhibition “Out of the Past – from the Tai Ping Treasure Trove”, along with Ms Beryl Yuen Bik-fook, third-generation owner of The Tai Ping Theatre; the head of Hong Kong Film Archive, Ms Rowena Tsang; the Assistant Curator, Ms Priscilla Chan, and all the officers at the Archive.
Tai Ping Theatre exterior and interior image source from