Corporate Volunteer Programme at SPCA & P&T's project Animal Welfare and Education Centre at Tsing Yi

Dec 2021

Who’s an animal lover? Have you have ever visited The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)?

P&T colleagues visited SPCA headquarters recently as volunteers and learnt about SPCA’s mission and how they act to achieve it. Our volunteers visited different departments of SPCA, including the adoption centre, and got to interact with the animals there as well. Another activity was to make pet toys using recycled materials for the cats and dogs at the centre. By playing with pet toys, they might be able to maintain a stable and healthy mental quality, rebuild trust towards humans and hopefully improve their chances of being adopted.



P&T is assisting SPCA to construct a new Animal Welfare and Education Centre at Tsing Yi as SPCA approaches its 100th anniversary. SPCA, along with P&T, aims to promote a harmonious and inclusive society between animals and the Hong Kong Community. P&T has designed a warm loving environment that emphasises the highest standards of animal welfare, cultivating deeper respect for animal life through education.