MIC: Building Innovative that leads industry in a new direction

Sep 2018


Think of them as building blocks for grown-ups. MIC, Modular Integrated Construction, also known as Precast Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC), is a construction method in which freestanding volumetric modules are manufactured in factories and then transported to the work site. This method is prominently championed by the government of Singapore, who announced in September 2017 that by 2019, 35 percent of new housing projects will be constructed using the MIC method. While the trend has been slower to emerge in Hong Kong due to cost and space limitations involved with off-site construction, MIC is a method that is certainly worth exploring.


With MIC technology, freestanding volumetric modules are manufactured in factories and then transported to the work site to reduce manpower and increase time saved.


MIC explores unlimited possibilities


There are many benefits to using the MIC method when constructing a building. The time needed to construct a high-rise residential building is reduced if the MIC method is used, with the potential to save up to 50 percent of manpower productivity. With more activities moved off-site, levels of dust and noise pollution can also decrease, while the controlled environment of a factory means that site safety is also improved. 


Nanyang Technological University (NTU) student dormitories, the first high-rise building adopting MIC technology in Singapore.


One prominent example of P&T Group’s use of the MIC method is the newly constructed Nanyang Technological University (NTU) student dormitories, Singapore’s first high-rise apartment complex built using the method.Comprised of six 13-storey buildings with over 1,600 accommodation units, each building contains three floors of on-site construction, and 10 floors built with MIC technology. 


This project mirrors the Singapore Building & Construction Authority’s vision of increasing productivity by combining construction methods with innovative technology. The ground-breaking project has been applauded by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority and has won several industry awards including the BCA Green Mark Platinum 2014, BCA BIM Gold Award 2014 and BCA Universal Design Mark Gold Award 2015 (Design), among others, and has become an industry benchmark for the benefits of the MIC method.


P&T Group’s pioneering design led to the firm working closely on construction projects with the Housing Development Board (Singapore) and private developers using the MIC method, including West Terra @ Bukit Batok public housing project and The Brownstone Condominium.