Jul 2018


The Venice Biennale of Architecture needs no introduction to those with even a passing interest in the field. The six-month event holds a singular position among the design set, acting as a showcase of ideas from established and emerging architects who represent their home countries on a global stage. For the 16th edition of the event, 94 architects from around the world were selected to take part in the Hong Kong Exhibition Vertical Fabric: density in landscape. As a response to the wider 2018 Biennale theme of freespace, the exhibition frames a discourse of vertical architecture and urbanism, providing Hong Kong’s slender towers a dialogue with the world through the realisation of 111 towers designed by the architects.


P&T encourages its young architects to put forward their brightest ideas as part of an inhouse idea competition, the winner of which has the opportunity to present at the main event in Venice. This opportunity enables young talents to put their fresh and quality ideas into practice. A concept idea called Braided Space proposed by Architect Bella Yang is selected to represent P&T at the Hong Kong Exhibition Pavilion in Venice.


Braided Space: Exploring Highly Adaptive Carbon Fibre

This tower reimagines the traditional typical high-rise as a multi-functional space, with a carbon fibre prefabricated cantilever structural system that allows it to transform to suit new economic, societal, environmental or cultural demands.


P&T representative architect Bella Yang and Chief Curator Professor Wang Weijen were pictured beside P&T exhibit in Venice - Braided Space


The design explores the possibilities of carbon fibre because it is relatively light-weight, durable, non-corroding in nature and efficient in the prefabrication process, which utilises a triaxial braiding machine to elaborate a new material language. The structure itself is comprised of a permanent infrastructure and several fixed carbon fibre cantilevers, to support the slab and glass envelope. The carbon fibre cantilever can be fabricated offsite, and assembled or disassembled at site on demand, meaning the structure itself can be adapted as needed. And such material use thus paves the way for more diversity in urban design.


P&T exhibit in Venice - Braided Space