Tipco Building Extension

Tipco building extension is a 20-storey, grade-A office building expanded from the existing 33-storey office tower located on Rama VI Road. The podium, of the two buildings are connected from first level up to the atrium on level 5 to merge the existing and new carparking space together in order to improve vehicular flow. The connecting corridor between two towers is located on the level 5, which has been designed to create 16m high outdoor open space providing green scenery for users. The office tower is placed above the podium into three zones; low-zone from level 7 to level 12, high-zone from level 13 to level 18, and executive zone from level 19 to level 20, with up to 3m clear ceiling height.

The facade of the building has been designed to embrace the spirit from the existing office tower by reducing unnecessary lines and emphasizing on the fundamental elements. The extension tower has three diagonal tilts in front to resemble the original design derived from a quartered pineapple, which holds a meaningful symbol as the starting product of the company. The simple, yet modern design results in a seamless continuity of the existing and the new building from two different decades.

The semi-central core design of the building allows column-free office floor plate which provides maximum flexibility for tenants to accommodate different types of office layout, including low-zone office of 1,494 sq.m. and high-zone office of 1,517 sq.m. The vertical transportation system has also been designed to provide direct express service to serve all floors in high and low zone. This effective use of space not only maximizes efficiency, but also provides stunning panoramic city views through the glass facade surrounding the building.
Tipco Tower Co., Ltd.
90,470 sqm
Winning Award
2017 BCI Asia - Top Ten Architect Award (Thailand)