15 Holland Hill

The Client requested for an upscale living that capitalizes on the serene surroundings and its vantage point, while overcoming the existing undulating terrain and vast levels differences within a tight site.
The approach to the development is carefully orchestrated. Entry to the development located at the highest point of the site, residents coming home will travel up a gently winding tree-lined road, with glimpses of surprises such as the dynamic elevated pavilion, refined residential block facades and intricate landscape along the way. Boundary between the site and the road is intentionally blurred by recessing and hiding the boundary fence within the bushes, hence the road coming home appears to be part of the development.
Site coverage is deliberately kept low to maximize greeneries. Vast landscape is designed to be part of the greater existing matured green setting. With the level difference of more than 10m, the ground landscape is layered to create various interesting intimate spaces, while giving the illusion of even larger garden in the development.
To adapt the building to the climate and help reducing the carbon footprint, modern tropical architecture approach is used. Comprises of three 12-storey twin unit blocks, the towers comes with extensive staggered sky planters to continue from ground to façade to enhance the interaction between the living area and nature. Deep overhangs with heavy facade planters poses a challenge of deep and bulky structures. Sloping aluminium fins and ledges are used to camouflage the structures giving the facade a clean and modern look. Big glass windows with light color metal cladding imposing sharp crisp details to create a sleek façade.
Good orientation of blocks and only 2 units per floor configuration enables each of every unit to enjoy 270degree view, overlook towards the view to national garden and cityscape.
Peak Opal Pte Ltd (Kheng Leong Co. Pte Ltd)
2019 / 2022
13,782.03 sqm